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Amalfi Coastline – A Place where History meets Nature

Amalfi Coast is the best tourist spot in Italy if you consider the tourist reviews. A lot of people every year visits the Amalfi Coast every year. The villas of this place offer the best in class accommodation experience with a fairly good price. Tuscany and Venice are also nearby and people can easily travel from Amalfi Coast to these places. The geographical scenery, the overall atmosphere has made this place the best to visit in Italy. This coast has a mixture of culture, walking trails, natural sights, beaches,and history. A small town Italian culture with lesser attention has made this place one of the best in Europe. You should read more if you are interested to visit this place with your loved one.


The history of this place is as long as Italy. Although sometimes people get overwhelmed by the beauty of this city it has a lot to offer for the history enthusiasts too. You can put the local monuments to your visit list to know more about the history of human tradition and how they have done things in the past. The city’s history has theinfluenceon the nearby city Pompeii and Herculaneum. Complemented with the tragedy of Roman settlement, Neapolitan hands have made this city a historical place for the enthusiast.

A lot of people thought that the plague will actually destroy the city, but the opposite has happened. Soon after the tragic settlement, the city has risen from the ashes. Amalfi then focused on tourism and developed their whole system for the tourists. And the modern history of Amalfi has been written based on this sector. The stunning coastal leaves of Amalfi now represents the present situation of Amalfi.


After the reborn of the city, Amalfi mainly focused on tourism. The southern area of the city is mainly located on the beautiful coast. To reach this is you can go through theair to Naples airport. After that, you can have a rental car to have a little sightseeing. But you should be aware of the windy narrow roads as these are built on the cliffs. But this tour definitely worth the money.

There are boat options that might cost a little more than rental cars. But this is the most scenic option for you. You can also get your train ticket to travel from Naples to Sorrento. The picturesque landscape can be the most exciting place for you if you are a scenery lover. The climate is based on mild winter and warm summer. So this is actually a good climate for tourist all over the world and there is no risk of getting sick because of the climate. This is a cultural heritage site recognized by the UNESCO. You can stay in Positano to have a breakfast and enjoy the morning walk. Capri is also a good place to visit.

Overall the Amalfi Coastline has a lot to offer in historically and naturally.